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Egg Roll


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At Vong's Kitchen, we’re dedicated to creating authentic Chinese dishes that will have you craving for more. We take great pride in not only our dishes but in our heritage too. We're delighted that a family-run business such as ours can share our beloved culture with as many customers as possible. It has always been our goal to make sure that customers get to experience authentic Chinese dishes. When it comes to our approach to cooking, we’re always looking for the tastiest flavours and aromas, as we’re always looking for new ways to amaze our customers.

Our family has been in this industry for many years and we’re incredibly experienced at serving up cuisines that will leave a strong lasting impression. At Vong’s Kitchen, we’re not just committed to making great Chinese cuisines but we’re always committed to making great memories. Most importantly, being able to share these joyous moments with your loved ones, is a great way of creating cherished memories with them. There’s simply nothing more heart-warming than having great meals with great people. With our large and extensive menu, they’ll always be a new dish for you to fall in love with. As a business, we’ve always put the customer first and one of the ways we’ve done this is by creating a menu full of different dishes. This means that you don’t have to be stuck with choosing the same items every time you order with us. Whatever you may be in the mood for, we’ll be there to cater to your needs.

There'll be some moments in the week when you’re just not in the mood to cook, and that's where we can help, by delivering that “home-cooked” taste straight to your door. Simply browse through our online menu and order today. The process is easy, convenient and, most importantly, hassle-free.



Delivering to Plaistow and surrounding areas


21 Balaam Street
London E13 8EB

Tel: 0207 511 1819

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